Finally, I made it to the end of this saga - the Neapolitan series. Phew. And despite what I have heard from my fellow readers, this is the one I enjoyed the most. Why? Because I have finally realised that I love books where things happen - a plot, action, events. Less of the stream of consciousness stuff, the hand wringing and naval gazing. Give me a story! For me this has been the best of the four, although there were times my eyes were glazing over, and just when I am gritting my teeth and wondering how much more of the introspection, internal dialogue I can put up with, something will happen. My attention is immediately got, and off I go on the Lena/Lila journey until the next time.

A lot happens in this novel and the friendship itself has a much more central role in the relationship between the two women. During the story, Lena moves back to the old neighbourhood to live in apartment above Lila. Book three ended with Lena leaving her husband and children to be with Nino and this relationship and its outcomes form the backbone to this last book. Actually the relationship of these three characters - Lila, Lena and Nino is really what the whole series is about, not just the friendship between the two women. Lena has become a very successful writer, and Lila still continues to own and manage the computer business she and Enzo established in book three. But the Solara brothers never go away, always a menacing presence, as is the political unrest.

I have never really liked any of the characters in these novels, and that has been part of my ambivalence over these novels. I still don't really, but the quality of the writing does continue to be outstanding. 

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