The Devil Wears Prada was a massive hit for the author, and of course turned into the marvellous movie with Meryl Streep and Anne Hattaway. Ambitious young woman in the big city, looking to break into high energy world of fashion, journalism, PR. Over time finds job not quite what was envisaged, loses herself and her friends in her new world, crisis time, leaves the business, finds new and better direction in life, refinds self and friends. Amen.

Crikey, why not try that formula again in another novel! Be onto another winner. Maybe....  Set in New York (again), Bette is unhappy in her banking job, dumped by her boyfriend, best friend just engaged to the worst possible man, all first world problems. In a moment of madness she chucks her job, and after spending time moping around feeling sorry for herself, her high profile journalist uncle introduces her to a PR wonder woman, big cheese of her own PR company that does stuff for 'everyone worth knowing'. Bette is immediately thrown into the world of the very rich, the very upwardly mobile, celebrities, socialites, wannabes, mostly unpleasant bitchy backstabbing wastes of space. Yet somehow Bette is a resounding success in this new job, somehow manages to avoid the drug taking that everyone else is doing, doesn't have any sex, falls in love with a bouncer, and remains a nice person. Gee whiz, that sounds like real life!

She has plenty of obstacles to face - New York's sexiest man, a gossip columnist who won't leave her alone, a boss who wants to keep seeing her in said gossip column, keeping her sleep quota up, upgrading her image - so many challenges! The crisis, when it comes, is complete and utter chaos, almost as good as giving Meryl Streep the brush off in Prada! But with Hugh Hefner and bunny girls instead. Really all quite hilarious, very contrived, perfect pool side holiday reading which is where I read it!

But way better than the book are the online reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Don't people love to trash and tear things apart! I know it isn't prize winning literature, but there are way worse books out there than this one. And who doesn't like a bit of chick lit to giggle over and lose oneself in.

Try this for size - "If you thought Devil Wears Prada was insipid, wait until you read this vomitous waste of valuable wood pulp, time, eyestrain and anxiety (the latter due to agitated anticipation of the novel's anticlimactic denouement)."

Or this one - "One of the worst books I've ever read. Stereotypical characters, dull plot, predictive and anticlimactic ending and superficial world building. The dialogues were unrealistic and immature. And don't even let me start describing this dull and pathetic excuse for a "love story" or spectacular failure of love triangle. Everything is horrible about this book."

Just the best reading of all really.

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