Well, you won't believe how many web pages and images come up when you google 'how to eat a cupcake'. If you were in a pickle over the 'right' way to pour a cup of tea, you will be in the pits of despair when it comes to eating a cupcake. Who would have thought?

Rest assured, this light and happily predictable read is not going to torture you with how to eat these little delicacies. Although there are one or two suggestions.....

 Two young women - Annie Quintana and Julia St Clair. They grew up together in Julia's parents' San Francisco mansion. Annie's mother was the cook. Both girls were treated equally and beautifully by Julia's parents and Annie's mum, an idyllic childhood for the two girls, really quite oblivious of the obvious economic and class disparity between them. Things went horribly wrong in their last year of high school, both girls then going off in different directions. Julia to the corporate world of New York, and Annie to become a pastry chef. Now Julia has come back home to prepare for her wedding, Annie being asked by Julia's charity queen mother to cater the cup cakes for a function where she and Julia meet up again.

Despite all the hurt and pain of their younger years, a door opens ever so slightly when Julia declares she wants to go into business with Annie - in a cupcakery. Mistrust is never far from the surface however, with lots of old ground having to be raked over, old wounds opened - lots of two steps forward, one step back. At the same time there is someone trying to sabotage the shop, and who is the mysterious man seen lurking in the streets near the shop? Has Julia made the right choice in her fiancĂ©? Can she let her guard down enough to share a shattering event with him? And  what about Annie? Will she trust Julia again? Will she also find love? Will the cupcakery survive the troubles swirling around it? And will you bake a cup cake or two on finishing this easily digestible story?

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