A MAN CALLED OVE by Fredrik Backman

It's a movie in Swedish, please someone make it into a movie in English! It is a simply wonderful heart warming beautiful story. I loved it, adored it, it made me cry. What a treasure of a story. There is no getting past that Ove, who is actually only 59, is the quintessential grumpy old bugger. With a lifetime of pain, disappointment and struggle, culminating in the recent death of his beloved wife, all he now wants to do is die himself. But his wretched neighbours prevent this happening at every turn, every attempt. No one seems to understand he wants to be left alone, no one seems to have the same standard of care and respect for the neighbourhood they all live, he is just so sick of everything.

But slowly, gradually, despite Ove's considerable resistance those barriers are broken down. Without even being aware of it, Ove rejoins the human race, and starts living again. Wonderful. 

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